Proposal of “Goods Package” to improve compliance of products on the EU Market

Products on the Single Market

The Single Market is one of EU’s biggest successes, enabling goods, services, capital and people to circulate freely, providing more choices and opportunities for both entrepreneurs and consumers. As such it is essential that the products circulating on the market are compliant with the related legislation applicable to them.

A need for better enforcement

In many cases products are placed on the market without being fully compliant, posing a concrete risk for the final consumers and also for the companies marketing compliant products which are being put in a competitive disadvantage. More than half of the electronic products are found to be only partially compliant and almost half of construction products and personal protective equipment productsare not meeting requirements concerning safety or consumer information.

EU Commission proposes new Regulation on Compliance and Enforcement (“Goods Package”)

The aim of the proposal of such new Regulation is to contribute to a fairer internal market and improve the cooperation among the National Competent Authorities so as to ensure a more effective compliance on the market. Examples of how this could be reached is sharing information concerning ongoing investigations on non-compliant products among Authorities, increasing and improving inspections on goods entering from ports and external borders.

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