Potential Impact of Brexit over Authorized Representatives

The Formal Procedure has begun

The UK has officially started the withdrawal procedure of their EU Membership by delivering the formal letter invoking Article 50 TEU on the 29th of March 2017. Complex negotiations will follow with a tight deadline of two years to settle various regulatory issues. What are the possible consequences involved for the European Authorized Representatives (EAR) ?

EAR aspects of Brexit

One of the possible outcomes of Brexit is the necessity of finding an EAR in the EU for all those Manufacturers who are currently working with an EAR based in the UK. In fact, it is possible that EARs from the UK will not  be able to assume the role of Authorized Representative in the EU  anymore. This could also mean that the Manufacturers based in the UK  would have to appoint an EAR based in one of the Member States. Brexit may have similar effect on the Notified Bodies based in the UK but there still is a lot of uncertainty regarding this issue.

EU based EAR to clear the air

Even though nothing is sure as of now, all Manufacturers using an UK-based EAR are highly recommended to already start considering switching their  Authorized Representative to an EU-based entity to avoid possible risks  of Brexit in the future.

If you wish to know more about Obelis’ expertise as European Authorized Representative, please do not hesitate to contact us. Obelis Expert Consultants, having nearly 30 years of experience with EU Regulations, will answer any question you may have and will gladly take on the role of a professional EAR based in the EU.

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