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Following the SCCS opinion on fragrance allergens of 26-27 June, labelling of fragrance allergens on cosmetic products labeling is a current topic at the European Commission.

In this opinion SCCS identifies a considerable number of allergens that will need to be labelled on cosmetic products. As such, instead of the current 26 fragrance allergens, 87 fragrance allergens will need to be labelled, considering of course their presence in the respective cosmetic product.

The following options are being discussed:

  • Option 1: On-pack labelling: Labelling additional fragrance allergens according to the present rules of the Cosmetics Regulation, i.e. on the package of a cosmetic product or in other alternative ways (leaflets, tags, etc.).
  • Option 2: E-labelling
    • Sub-option 2(a). E-by means of QR codes;
    • Sub-option 2(b). E-labelling by means of a website address;
    • Sub-option 2(c). E-labelling by means of extended barcodes.

The European cosmetics Responsible Person Association (ERPA), of which Obelis is a founder member, appreciates your input on this matter.

Your opinion will help ERPA to provide data to the European Commission to be considered during the decision process. Your feedback is anonymous.

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