EUCORE Workshop: The New European Regulation on Cosmetics

Professional Seminar on: The New European Regulation on Cosmetics

The EUCORE seminar is a unique opportunity for importers of cosmetics to be exposed to European demands by European experts (e.g. representatives of the Belgian Ministry of Health and from the British Toxicology Lab INTERTEK) in light of the Israeli Ministry of Health will for alignment of the Israeli Law with the European regulation.

As such, Obelis European Authorized Representative Center (O.E.A.R.C) in association with the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the Manufacturers Association of Israel, The Israeli Society of Chemists and the Cosmetics Division at the Ministry of Health have taken it upon themselves to organize this special event.

EUCORE will be a one-time professional seminar on European requirements for manufacturing and marketing Cosmetics taking place between the following dates: 15/02/2010 – 16/02/2010

Total of 2 sessions, on Monday and Tuesday- between 08:00-17:00 at the Chamber of Commerce offices – Haheshmonaim 84 street, Tel-Aviv, 1st Floor.

Scope of the Seminar: 16 Academic Hours.

The purpose of the seminar: Aims to present to those manufacturing/importing cosmetics to Israel what are the new European requirements that will take effect in early 2010.

Target Audience: Importers, exporters and local manufacturers wishing to export to Europe.

Subjects of Seminar :

The following subjects, among other things, will be supplied:

The NEW European Cosmetic Regulation (Notification & Labeling)
Safety Assessment
Technical Dossier
Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS)
*** Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation issued by the organizer bodies with tutorials that will include all the professional material.

The Department of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health welcomes the seminar in alignment with its will to adopt the European Regulation into an Israeli Law!

For information and registration please contact the college’s business office Chamber of Commerce:
Phone: 03-5631023
You can also browse the site at: http://WWW.CBC.ORG.IL – (prices do not include VAT!)

(*) Member – Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers Association & Obelis customers. Registration after 24/01/2010 Registration before 24/01/2010

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