The Directive: MVD 2007/46/EC

The Directive: MVD 2007/46/EC

The European Union (EU) is revising the framework for the approval of motor vehicles with a new Directive (2007/46/EC), which repeals and replaces Directive 70/156/EEC in order to have a clearer, more coherent text based on the principle of proportionality. The new Directive retains (in revised form) the majority of the provisions of the former Directive but also introduces some entirely new concepts and requirements.

2007/46/EC Directive’s main aim is to improve road safety by introducing a number of compulsory devices, as:

  • ABS (anti-lock braking system),
  • New and more effective rear-view mirrors (including the new front rear-view mirror),
  • Improved lights,
  • Side protection to prevent cyclists or pedestrians from being dragged under vehicles and anti-spray devices.

Furthermore, it lays down additional requirements for buses and coaches:

  • Emergency exits must be adapted to the number of people which the vehicle can hold,
  • Greater ease of access for persons with reduced mobility,
  • Sufficient “survival space” in the event of the vehicle rolling over.

The Directive also focuses on various environmental obligations such as CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, engine power and smoke from diesel engines.

The provisions of the proposal will be implemented from 2009 and will be phased in gradually until 2014, depending on the category of vehicle. The aim of the transition periods is to enable the industry to gradually adapt its production systems to the new requirements and enable governments to deal progressively with the increased number of requests for type-approval.

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