Importer / Distributor of Cosmetics to Europe

Importer / Distributor of Cosmetics to Europe

Did you know that by importing or distributing cosmetics from manufacturers based outside the European Union, you automatically assume the role of Responsible Person?

This means that you are fully responsible & liable to ensure the compliance of those products with the regulatory requirements!

Remember, you can always designate another European company as your Responsible Person.

As Responsible Person for the manufacturer, Obelis will:

  • Ensure that the cosmetic products placed on the EU market are safe for use and compliant with the  EU Regulation 1223/2009.
  • Verify product claims substantiation.
  • Ensure correct cosmetic product labelling.
  • Communicate any serious undesirable effects to the competent authorities.
  • Ensure Product Information File compliance with the Directive, that the products were produced according to good manufacturing practice, & that a safety assessment has been conducted.
  • Store the product information files for 10 years.
  • Notify the cosmetic products on the CPNP portal.
  • Work directly with the brand owners at no cost for you as importer.

Let us deal with the regulatory work to ensure compliance!

So you can focus on your business!

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