Horizon 2020 project: INNO4COVID- 19

INNO4COV-19 project addresses the need of boosting innovation for the COVID-19 crisis. The main purpose is to improve the efficacy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system that diagnoses and monitors the Covid- 19.

Obelis, offered its regulatory expertise to ensure that the awarded projects were brought to market in a safe and compliant manner.

The Open Call

The finest inventions with a TRL-6 or higher (Technology Readiness Level) were chosen through two successful open calls.

In both calls, an average of 200 applications was submitted by applicants from all European countries. Only 18 ideas were nominated for financing in the first round of open calls and 12 in the second.

The projects domain that received the funding were: Innovative diagnostic and screening system, Environmental Surveillance, Sensor & Devices for Telemedicine and Telepresence, Protective equipment for people and safer public. Obelis is proud to use its expertise to ensure that today’s innovation markets will help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

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