Horizon 2020 project: GLAM

Obelis gained experience as regulatory partner in Horizon 2020 Funded Projects.

GLAM answers the Societal Challenge "Health, demographic change and well-being", aiming to fund research that will have an impact on society, improve the quality of life of European citizens of all ages, maintain the economic sustainability of health and care systems and promote innovation through private and public sectors.

Glam meets a real need and urgency to have new diagnostic devices that provide diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring data faster and with exquisite ultra-sensitivity on time to take the appropriate decisions to improve personalized diagnosis and therapy.

GLAM project fully accomplishes its objective to provide an innovative device to fulfill these requirements using soluble biomarkers for personalized diagnosis and therapy monitoring.

Specifically, we designed and developed a new diagnostic tool to detect biomarkers from biofluids obtained in a non-invasive manner, specifically focusing on urine and to genitourinary cancers, to help oncologists to take better treatment decisions, approaching personalized medicine.

GLAM developed an integrated device based on novel label-free photonic biosensors with ultra-sensitivity, simplicity of use, portability, multiplexing and low cost.

Importantly the GLAM unique technology makes the device also usable with other biofluids and might also be used to help physicians with another biomarker driven.

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