Construction Products

Construction Products

Introduction to Construction Products on the EU Market

Construction products quite literally are the infrastructure of any city in the world. The EU legislation covering this particular materials are focused on ensuring the safety of the products along with the reliability of the technical language  used to market the construction product.

EU Construction Products Legislation

Until the publication of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU on March 9, 2011 and the subsequent 2 year transition period, the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC was the reigning legal framework for construction products.

From July 1 , 2013 the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU became fully applicable in the EU as the main legal framework for construction products.

Key Facts:

any natural or legal person who manufactures a construction product or who has such a product designed or manufactured, and markets that product under his name or trademark
  • Construction product means:
any product or kit which is produced and placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works or parts thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect to the basic requirements for construction works
  • Products which fail to comply may be subject to public notification (RAPEX), withdrawal requirements, warehousing fees, fines or total destruction of the products.

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