Our commitment to compliance

The compliance of the products we make available on the market is our priority. We apply countless procedures and controls to make sure that manufacturers comply with the European legislation. We put compliance at the center of our daily work, at every step of the regulatory journey and in every action we undertake.

Shaping safer European markets

Compliance lies within our DNA. Since 1988, we have been helping shape safer markets through our diverse corporate culture that makes us stronger, helping us meet the needs of our clients from all around the world. Located in Brussels, Belgium, at the heart of the European Union, we are founding members of EU professional associations, and we take an active part in EU Commission working groups.

Safeguarding EU consumers

We take great care when it comes to make products available on the European markets. We understand how important it is to go through the regulatory requirements set by the EU legislation in order to ensure compliance for every product and device. With more than 500 million users, the compliance of those products and the safety of consumers are essential. We are here to secure both.

Empowering SMEs around the world

Over the years, we have helped more than 3,000 manufacturers from more than 70 countries to make available their products on the European markets. We ensure the highest quality of service, and we empower small and medium companies from all around the world to diversify their business and invest in one of the largest markets in the world!

Accelerating business opportunities

We make a difference for our clients by driving their sales forward on the European market and unlocking new business opportunities. Today, we are the largest center for CE marking & European representative services and we stand exactly where we need to be to meet the regulatory challenges of tomorrow and support our clients in their future needs.

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