EU Cosmetic Labeling Rules

The labeling (including: container, outer packaging and inserts) of a cosmetic product must reflect the product information file of that product. As such, the labeling can only be created after the product information file was compiled and reviewed by the Responsible Person. The final artwork of a cosmetic product labeling, must contain the following information.

  1. Full Commercial Name – Note: Brand name + Commercial name + Function
  2. Product function (must be translated) – Note: Product Function is not required when the product presentation clearly shows the function.
  3. Particular precautions for use (must be translated) – Note: When impossible, for practical reasons, to make the precautions for use appear on the product container, they may be mentioned on the outer packaging only, with the ‘open book symbol’ on the product container. When it is impossible, for practical reasons, to make the precautions for use appear on both the product container and the outer packaging, they may be mentioned on an enclosed leaflet with the ‘open book symbol’ on the product container and on the outer packaging (to be translated in the official language(s) of the country where the product is to circulate).
  4. Ingredients list Note: Ingredients list should perfectly match those mentioned in the safety assessment, in descending order with each ingredient’s INCI denomination, including allergen and Color Index numbers (CI).
  5. Expiry date Note: Date of minimum durability and /or PAO. When product validity/durability is less than 30 months the date of minimum durability shall be used as follows:+ expiry date (dd/mm/yyyy). When product validity/durability is more than 30 months the period of time after opening symbol shall be used as follows :+ x M (so, for a product for which PAO is 18 months: + 18 M).
  6. Responsible person name and address
  7. Manufacturer Name and Address
  8. Batch number – Note: When impossible, for practical reasons, to make it appear on the product container, it may appear only on the outer packaging
  9. Product’s country of origin – Note: “Made in … “ only if manufactured outside the European Union.
  10. Nominal quantities – Note: The nominal content at the time of packaging, given by weight or by volume, except for packaging containing less than 5 grams or 5 millilitres, free samples and single‐application packs. The estimated sign (℮) can be appended to the nominal content; however it is not mandatory anymore.


This label example is only for general information and cannot be applied automatically to any product. Only once the EU compliance process has been completed (including the safety tests, safety assessment, PIF & Notification) will a product’s label be validated and be correct in reference to the specifics of the product.

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