Early Careers

Early Careers

EARLY CAREERS – What opportunities does Obelis offer?

Are you a young professional looking for a highly formative internship experience to start walking into the professional world? Then Obelis has the right opportunity for you!

Our internships include, but are not limited to, the Regulatory Affairs Department: we also offer experiences in Administration, Customer Success, Customer Care, Front Office, Marketing, IT, Accounting and HR!

If you recently finished your Master’s studies, our CIP (Contrat d’Immersion Professionelle) contract is perfect for you: it will allow you to get all the training you need before applying for a permanent position. If, instead, you are still enrolled at university and would like to have an international experience, apply for our Erasmus+ traineeship program!

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Any doubts? Have a look at the FAQs!

SELECTION PROCESS – How can I apply?

RA positions

Step 1: Submit your application, and do not forget to make your CV stand out!

Step 2: Complete an online test with open questions about your background and skills.

Step 3: One of our recruiters will contact you to schedule an interview and learn more about you and your experience. If it is a match, you will receive an invitation to join the Obelis Regulatory School

Step 4: Next, you will be invited for the 3-days Obelis School experience. During the first 2 days, you will be provided a series of trainings given by our experts, whereas the last day you will undergo a technical test

Step 5: The adventure begins! If you pass the technical test, the presentation part and the personality test, your internship will start 2 weeks later, so be ready to join Obelis in Brussels!

Other positions:

Step 1: Submit your application, and do not forget to make your CV stand out!

Step 2: Undergo the online test: you will be asked about your background and how you think you would be a right fit for the company, as well as some general questions about Obelis

Step 3: Our HR team will set up a 45min phone call with you to go over your CV and profile, and to get to know you better

Step 4: You will have a videocall with your future Manager, who will discuss with you your answers to the test and check if you are the right fit for Obelis

Step 5: The adventure begins! If it’s a match, based on your selection process and personality test, your internship will start in 2 weeks, so better start packing and get ready to join us in Brussels!

FAQ – Early Careers


1. Is the selection process online?
Yes, the selection process for non-RA positions is managed completely online or over the phone.

2. Is there a possibility to stay after the internship?
Most of our interns who are showing commitment and interest are staying with us at the end of their internship. We highly encourage you to apply for our Junior position, that opens up the long-term contract relationship at Obelis. The internal selection process and career plan will be explained in detail to you during the first days at Obelis.

3. How is the team?
The Obelis team is energetic, supportive, knowledgeable and international. By the end of the internship you will be able to say “good morning” in all the languages!

4. Is the internship based in Brussels?
Yes, all our interns are required to relocate to Brussels. You’ll receive more information on the relocation timeframe from our HR at the end of the school, if you have been selected.

RA School

1. Is the Regulatory Affairs selection process online?
The first part of the selection process is always online (application test and phone interview), while the second part can be either online or in our headquarters in Brussels. You will receive confirmation after successfully overcoming the phone interview.

2. Can you tell me more about the technical test on the last day of the school?
After the 2-days training from our experts and managers, you will complete the technical test. Do not worry, it will be focused on the materials previously presented during the school. We will be focusing on your capability to adapt and your fast-learning skills.

3. How is the training for the new Regulatory Affairs members at Obelis?
Once you are onboard, you will receive a general training about the company, followed by a series of regulatory-affairs-focused trainings given by our team of experts. You will not be alone after that: your mentor will be following you and guiding you during the first 3 months of the internship, and you will have the possibility to join weekly windows to discuss your doubts with our managers.

4. Is it a problem if I have limited knowledge of the regulatory sectors you are focusing on?
During the school, our experts will train you in all the fields Obelis operates in, so do not stress: you will get all the knowledge you need, first-hand!

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