Cosmetics Notification

Cosmetics Notification

The Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) notification is an essential requirement for a cosmetics product to be placed on the EU single market. However, the CPNP notification can be done only once the Product Information Files demonstrates all evidence of conformity. For non-EU cosmetics manufacturers, CPNP notification must be completed by their designated Responsible Person.

In order for the notification to be successful, the following requirements must be met:

Only once the above requirements are met, the product is considered as compliant and will be assigned a CPNP reference code. With this code and through the CPNP, product’s information will be available to the competent authorities and poison centres.

Once the cosmetic product has been notified to the CPNP, it may be placed on any market of the EU member states, as long as the labelling is in conformity with the language requirements of the respective country.

Do not forget that the UK has officially left the EU in January! Products must be notified on the UK portal in addition to the EU CPNP if you wish to sell them in both the EU and GB market Obelis UK, as UK Responsible Person will gladly notify your products on the UK market!

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