We believe that each of our employees has the potential to make a significant contribution. As a result, we take great care when it comes to the satisfaction of our employees.

Here is what you can expect!

Obelis policy for you:

  • Obelis performance bonus plan

At Obelis, we recognize and appreciate our employees’ efforts, this is why we developed the ‘Obelis performance bonus plan. Obelis rewards its employees through the Obelis performance bonus plan, which includes a once-a-year performance bonus based on Obelis’ overall performance and a department bonus tied to specific objectives.

  • Obelis commission scheme

Several departments within Obelis are paid a monthly commission based on specific conditions. The commission is paid in addition to the monthly salary and is contingent on certain conditions that will be discussed during the affiliation.

  • Obelis Family Policy

We developed the ‘Obelis Family Policy’ to balance the demands of work with your family plans or issues.

These include:

  • Sick leave for children
  • Full health insurance coverage for the entire family from day one
  • School supply support
  • Teleworking days allowance from home or abroad
  • Gift boxes for your children during certain holiday


  • Sickness Days

Obelis provides paid sick days for all illness periods.

  • Health insurance

Obelis looks after its employees’ health and well-being by covering 100% of hospitalization costs and 80% of dental expenses.


  • Paid Educational leave

If you want to continue your education or if you want to improve your technical or professional skills, you are allowed to take time off from work to further your professional development.

  • Obelis fund for your personal development

Obelis support your personal development by paying for the trainings that will help you advance in your career. The spending plan would depend on the position you hold at Obelis.


  • Obelis Plan

Obelis’ employees benefit from Assurance de Group (Pension@work) provided by AG Insurance.


  • Commuting allowance

As an Obelis employee, you will be fully reimbursed for your actual commute to work via public transportation. We also assist those who choose a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, such as biking to work, by reimbursing a set amount per kilometer.

  • Company rental cars

Corporate rentals offer an easy, affordable, and flexible alternative for your trips. Obelis offers several cars that you can rent out for your leisure trips.


  • Mobile Subscription

Obelis provides mobile subscription reimbursement to all its employees.

  • Gift vouchers

We want to support you in some other aspects of life that are important to you. You can take advantage of extra-legal benefit as:

  • Meal Voucher
  • Birthday Voucher
  • Eco Cheques
  • Wedding/Legal cohabitation Voucher


  • Teleworking abroad

For a better work-life balance, Obelis has introduced the Teleworking Abroad Policy, allowing employees to work from their preferred location. The number of teleworking days is determined by the position the employee holds within the company.

  • Home office support

We all know that working from home has many advantages, but to be comfortable in your own home, certain conditions must be met. Obelis reimburses some of the costs associated with making your house a good place to work.

All the reasons to take your next career journey at Obelis:

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