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Since 1988, we’ve been expanding our channel partner. With our 33 years of regulatory affairs knowledge, we’ve helped over 3.000 manufacturers build successful companies by ensuring their goods or devices were safe and complied with end-user requirements in Europe.

We are the EU leader in healthcare device and cosmetic regulation

We have proudly introduced life-changing- products to Europe with our 30 years of experience. But also stand as a consultancy partner for European research and innovation programs, like Horizon 2020, helping boost EU competitiveness and growth.

Obelis is a top tier European Authorised Representative and the regulatory knowledge we have gathered after three decades in the market is poured onto our different services: consultancy, guidance, and technical file review amongst others.

What makes us a trustworthy and successful business?

The values we represent are the foundation of what we do. Entrepreneurship, accountability, a thirst for knowledge, professionalism, diversity and honesty drive our actions as a company and are reflected in every partnership we build.

We believe you, too, have worked hard to develop a strong business based on your own core and unique values. We, therefore, believe that this alliance is the right place to start investing in the future of your company, one where our mutual effort, time and commitment will yield benefits and will strengthen your position at an international level.

Our partnership program is only offered to strong experts like you to increase your impact at a global scale

We have partners in China, Brazil, South Korea, India, Japan, Pakistan, and many others. Join our partnership programs now and relish the numerous benefits:

Provide more opportunities to build your business and promote yourself as a regulatory industry-leading expert in the EU market.

Seize the opportunity to grow and expand your network. Foster and trade ideas with industry experts.

Develop skills and enlarge your knowledge and experience to make your business more resilient.

Receive first-hand training in regulatory knowledge by our top experts on the field.

We know what you can do, let’s be great together and start creating a leads referral system today to earn even more benefits!


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