Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty & Personal Care

Europe is the largest market in the world for beauty and personal care products at €77.6 billion in retail sales in 2017 with Germany, France, the UK and Italy leading the way. With more than 513 million citizens (number reached in 2018), the European Union also boasts the highest volume of luxury goods per capita.

While brand owners from start-up beauty brands to major conglomerates alike clamour for a piece of the massive EU market, ensuring the safety of your products is essential for growing and reaching success across this market.

Working with Obelis will allow cosmetics brand owners to not only successfully navigate the complexities of EU product compliance but also to ensure longevity of their brand in the EU Market. Not to mention, once you have complied under the advisement of a professional EU Responsible Person / EU Consultant, success in other global markets is far more attainable.

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We support manufacturers to place safe products on the EU Market, the largest in the world.

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