Authorised Representative for Motor Vehicles

Authorised Representative for Motor Vehicles

At the discretion of the manufacturer, an Authorised Representative may be appointed by written mandate to undertake such activities as:

  • Keeping the Declaration of Conformity and the technical documentation available to the Competent Authorities at all times and for 10 years after the equipment is placed on the market,
  • Accommodate any reasoned requests from the Competent Authorities relating the documentation or conformity of the pressure equipment,
  • Cooperate with the Competent Authorities regarding and actions to be taken to eliminate and risks relate to the pressure equipment for which they are responsible under the mandate.

The Authorised Representative should be clearly identified on the packaging to ensure efficient communication from end-users and EU economic operators in regards to the product(s) compliance.

The authorized representative may not draw up technical documentation as referred to in Article 6(2).

For non-EU manufacturers: Appoint a European Authorised Representative established within the European Community.

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